End of Week 4

It’s Friday night and the end of week 4.

Week – 4

Here are a few talking points that I wasn’t able to finish on my last post that I felt was important enough to me to share with you. Also, if you happen to have questions for me that I have not already brought up… you can leave a comment or email me with your questions.

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The Obstacles I Encountered

My Transition From Forklift Operator to Developer

How My Family Handled Everything


The Obstacles I Encountered

The obstacles that I have encountered at this point were for the most part not expected.

Let me elaborate… what I mean is… well… I expected the coding to be difficult. I expected the ridiculous amount of homework and hours you were needing to put into this program. I even expected for the “playing field” to be completely leveled for every student in the room within the first week. I spent 3 months preparing for this Bootcamp. I subscribed to team treehouse and code school online…which I highly recommend both of those websites… they were great resources. But within the first day, we had already blown past what I had learned. Literally. I knew how to use the terminal, basic HTML, git commands, a little bit of float in CSS(but not enough to actually understand it). I previously built two basic websites, with team treehouse helping me on one, the other was from my own creativity. I deployed them on vultr.com using terminal commands, SFTP, and a Sr Developer from Franklin, TN pointed me to digital ocean tutorials to install Nginx. All the HTML & CSS I had previously learned was covered within day one of Iron Yard. If I have time, I may go back and talk about weeks 1 through 3 in more depth, but for now, I just wanted to give you a general idea of where my knowledge was. I did the majority of the pre-work that was assigned by our instructor. I felt confident going in… that changed after day 3… I realized I didn’t know anything….I emotionally broke down… I called my long time friend and pastor for support… but I questioned if I had made a mistake, why am I here, am I crazy, and I felt like a fraud… like Iron Yard or the other students were going to find me out & tell me I’m not cut out for this and send me home. I also didn’t know anything about javascript, except what strings, numbers, and variables were.


My Transition From Forklift Operator to Developer

As a forklift operator, I worked for a company called “Vantec World Transport”. The job was itself was not challenging. Some days were slower than others and I would be begging for work. I was 5 minutes away from my house. I went home for lunch every day and ate with my wife & son. I loved that part. I was able to buy my first house because of this job. I am very grateful for that job. Three years into it, my hourly wage capped out. I knew that unless I became a manager or supervisor, my pay would most likely stay the same. I was ok with it for a few months but then realized that my wife and I would love to have another child for our son to play with. The only problem was that I couldn’t afford to provide for another child. I prayed for God to reveal to me a clear path. In January of 2016, that path became a little clearer when I found a website called codecademy.com… and I also googled how much web developers making on average in Nashville. I was not afraid of taking risks, but I wanted it to be more calculated in risk. Have a clear goal, and vision for what I could accomplish.


So by June, I’m applied to Iron Yard and got an interview with the instructor. The more I talked with Ryan and Bethany the more I felt like this was it.

By the end of September, I had quit my job, and my wife decided to start a daycare in our home to pay for our bills until I got a job. I still had to take out a loan to pay for the schooling, but our living expenses were taken care of. And Friday, Sept. 23rd I left my day job, and on Monday, Sept. 26th, I started class at Iron Yard.

How My Family Handled Everything

Week 4 – My wife is amazing, and I can’t say enough about her. I leave at 7 am and get home around 8 pm, and she has been an amazing support. Week 4 has definitely been better than week 1.



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