Week – 5

Monday, we worked on teams for the first time as well as teaming up with backend developers on an assignment that had us fetch data using an API key. Here is an overview from week 5.

Table of Contents

-What has the instructor taught this week?

-What was your highs and lows for the week?

-How is your family handling it now that your five weeks in?

-How are you managing the workflow?

What has the instructor taught this week?

He introduced:


-Working in teams with other front-end developers by day 3 we were working with backend developers on an assignment.





What was my highs and lows for week 5?

Every Friday, Front-End and Back-End Developers meet together for what we call “standups”. We talk about the highs and lows for the week, so I thought it would only be appropriate to do the same here.

My high for week five was starting get grasp MVC framework concepts.

My low for the week was when he introduced a whole new way of doing things.(Vue.js) ha

Don’t get me wrong, I like Vue.js… it makes life a lot easier. I was just excited about understanding MVC. The common theme here at Iron Yard is as soon as you are getting familiar with something… it is time to change it up again… so you learn to adapt quicker each time, and go with the current.

How Is Your Family Handling It Now That Your Five Weeks In?

She texts me the other day, as I was holding allergy medicine in my hand and tissues in class, how proud of me she was for making it to week 5. She is excited for the future and the hard work I am putting into this.

How Are You Managing The Work Flow?

That is a constant battle and common theme with everyone here. Asking questions early and often definitely has helped me manage my workflow a lot better, though.


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