Week 7 – “Exceeds Expectations”

I’m not sure where to begin with, this week’s story… from reading other student’s blogs, their common theme was how much they were surprised by the amount of knowledge they gained while attending Iron Yard. I believe that theme is still ringing true in our cohort. I had about 5 months of prior experience in coding, but we exceeded that knowledge after the first day. I can honestly say that I would not have gained this amount of knowledge in such a short time period on my own. Iron Yard has become an amazing asset to my growth as a developer. On top of that, I’m gaining some new friends along the way. I have seven other developers in my class, and we have become close while working together on coding resolves.

This week has had its own challenges, from getting more comfortable navigating and setting up a framework called Adonis.js to creating a twitter mockup that allows user creation/logins and post creation within it.

I’m starting to feel a little more comfortable with using Vue.js framework tho! Last week we created a form using Vue.js and then switched over and used Adonis.js to build the same form. That was really challenging.

On top of that, I decided to rebuild my portfolio site from the ground up using Vue.js and Bulma. My original site was created using a TeamTreehouse video tutorial. Looking back, I now realized that they used floats and media queries everywhere. And now that I understand how to use flexbox…. I know how to create a highly responsive site without ANY media queries! Anyways, the site looked great, and I was happy with it, but soon realized I wanted to apply what I had already learned from class to my own site.

Last week, I was super excited for being rewarded for going above and beyond with my assignments. Let me give you a little background, ok so after each assignment posted we go in and submit a pull request. When our assignment is complete, the instructor gives us what I call is a “Green Stamp” of approval. In that green stamp, it says, “Complete and Satisfactory”. If it fails. He gives us a “Red Stamp” of disapproval. Ok, so now that you understand the process, I’ll also state that there is apparently another stamp that is also green but says, “Exceeds Expectations” that I did not know about. On one of my previous assignments last week called “Monster Mash” I was supposed to create a web application that allowed users to create and name their very own monster. In the middle of creating this web application, I had the idea to add a “Delete” button, just in case you didn’t like the monster you just finished creating. Well, my instructor was impressed with the idea, and gave me a “Green Stamp” that said, “Exceeds Expectations”!! I was so excited. Now every assignment I am striving to see that green stamp again.

I’m super competitive and love being challenged. And once I saw that stamp, I took it as a challenge to get that stamp every time.

Anyways, I need to get back to coding. Next week we start pitching ideas for our final project!! Graduation is December 16th!!


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