Week 8 – I See the Light

Week 8 of Iron Yard is finished. We have one more day of lecture, and then we start on our final projects.

I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It feels uncertain, exciting, and fresh. I am confident in the team that has supported me and will continue to support me throughout the job hunt process. I feel I have gained not just great resources and tools for the future job, but also friends into this next chapter. With only 8 people in our class including me, you can’t help but become close to them.

This week Ryan introduced a javascript framework called “Ember” along with using handlebars. Ember has a lot of different generators that help you get started quickly.

Thursday, everyone in the class pitched their final project ideas. The staff picked four of those ideas that they believed were the most attainable within three weeks.

The idea that I pitched and was ultimately chosen from the staff was a web application called “Safety Net”(name credit thanks to Josh, campus director). This application is going to be designed to help families or individuals in a life crisis connect with local resources such as food, shelter, transportation, or clothing.

This weekend, we are going to Nodevember, and I am excited to be attending my first developer conference.




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