Week 9 – Opportunity Awaits

Week 9 is already over! It’s easy to get distracted with opportunities awaiting me on the other side of graduation, but I am trying to stay focused on the current tasks at hand. I graduate on the 16th of December which is quickly approaching. We start working on final projects next week! It is flying by. I told my wife that it felt like it was just yesterday that I was counting my last Fridays at Vantec, and now I’m counting my last Fridays at Iron Yard.

I started a little early working out ideas on the sketch for my final project. Here is one idea that my partner and I may end up going with on our front page. It is not completely decided yet, but it is a start. What do you think?? What do you like about it?? What would you change?? We don’t have an actual logo. I’m not sure if we will spend any time on that or not.Safety Net Project.png

The layout only took a couple minutes using the sketch app. It was really enjoyable to design this too.

Before Derrick came to Iron Yard, he used to own a lawn business. The guy is a workhorse. I am always competing to keep up with his hours of coding each week. He has grown tremendously throughout this program. I am excited that we were put on a team together.


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