Week 10 -Final Projects Start

We only have two and a half weeks left before we have to turn in our final project.This week we began implementing ideas of our own and bringing them to life. My partner and I started with a mockup/wireframe of each page that we wanted to create. After that, we went into a website called “Trello”. In that website, we created what we call “user stories” in feature cards. Each feature card walks through one action that the user would take when interacting with our page along with our expected outcome. This allowed us to plan out just how much code we were going to write. It also helped our instructor become the project manager and see what we were currently working on, and how much we had left to accomplish. By the end of the week, we were translating our feature cards into HTML and CSS. By Friday, we had finished the majority of our HTML and CSS. The great thing about working with a partner for the final project is not only done you get twice as much work done, but you get to learn how to solve problems together as a team including merge conflicts. My partner and I have done a great job this week preventing any merge conflicts happen within our final project. We are learning how to work in an agile environment. We have learned to be very thorough, and aware of each step that we take along the way. We learned the importance of talking through the responsibilities of each developer on our team. And once we decided on the page that each of us was going to work on, the other developer did not make any changes to that file before speaking with that specific developer. Being strict with this in the beginning, and staying consistent with it, has really helped us minimize time wasted on merge conflicts. Which in turn has given us more time to be productive in coding.

Now on to week 11, where we will spend most of our time coding javascript.


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