Week 11 – Safety Net

I’ve come to accept the fact that I will not stop learning, but it is ok because I really enjoy progress. This week has been no exception. I have learned so much from connecting our interactive map to Nashville’s API for local resources. With Bethany’s help in illustrator, we created a custom Icon-marker that is also a part of our logo. I am proud of this icon. It fits perfectly into our project’s message.


Our goal for the final project was to make a web application that put user experience at the forefront. We had a few very important decisions to make early on that we have continued to follow through with, and one of those is a concept we called “Fast Cash button on ATM” concept. This concept is based around the idea that the user can get access to what they need within three or fewer steps. We have succeeded in achieving this concept by creating an “I Need Shelter” button. This gives a visitor knowledge to local shelters in three easy steps.

Step 1) type in address and hit “enter”

Step 2)Our site geolocates the visitor.  The visitor then clicks “I Need Shelter” button.

Step 3)Then, instantly, the visitor is taken to an interactive map that displays local shelters in their area.

Thanks for reading my blog post today. I graduate Friday. Dec. 16.

If you would like to come view my final project, then you can come during our Demo Day:

January 10th 11:30am & 4pm @Iron Yard in Nashville

Address: 613 Ewing Ave #200, Nashville, TN, 37203     2nd floor


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