Week 1 – Career Support

I finished 12 weeks at the Iron Yard in Nashville, and now I have my Certificate of Completion! The next step is beginning career support.

On Monday, My portfolio, résumé, and cover letter was cleared to begin applying for jobs. By that night I applied for my first two jobs.

I had a dream Monday morning, that I went back to the warehouse job driving a forklift. In my dream, as I walked in I saw people sleeping in a room. The door looked like a prison door. By the time clock, there was this long line to clock out. I looked at the line and thought I’m not doing this again. I just walked out. This week, I get an email from Indeed.com from a lady wanting to hire me as a forklift operator. By Thursday, I decided to take my résumé off Indeed.com, and just use it only for search results. I am not taking that as any kind of sign to go back into the warehouse. Staying positive through the career support is important. I give a lot of that credit to my relationship with Jesus, and the community I surround myself with. My wife and boy have been amazing through this whole process. And also, Josh, campus director at Iron Yard, has been an amazing influence too.

While applying for jobs, I decided to still continue growing my skills. I found a video tutorial from Wes Boss called”30-day vanilla javascript coding challenge” on Monday that I started using. Along with that, I began my first video in Laracasts.com for learning PHP. This week I built a web app that responds to your keyboard and plays drum sounds. I also installed Laravel, a PHP framework, while learning about a feature called “Stripe”. Stripe allows you to accept credit cards on server-side using PHP.




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