Week 2 – Career Support

A week after Christmas, wife is sick, and New Year’s Eve is around the corner. This week has been a struggle being productive. I spent most my time tending to my beautiful wife and son. I love them to death and would do anything for them.

One of Iron Yard’s requirement to remain in Career Support is applying to ten jobs a week. I have enough prospects to meet my ten applications a week requirement, but I don’t want to just email companies if I am not excited about working for them. So the beginning of the week I searched websites that had job postings for web developers and then put them on my Trello board under the section called “Researching”. Today(Friday), I’m spending time going through each company to see if I get excited about the culture of each tech company and if I believe in their vision for creating a great product.

A couple things that I have discovered while job hunting that turns me off from a company are if they have used bootstrap to build their companies website and/or if they used WordPress in production.

Here are a few(but not limited to) companies that intrigue me. They are the companies that build using a framework called “EmberJS”, build WebApps for Music Industry, and/or digital agencies that build websites from the ground up.

Michael Leigeber, who I met in January while He was still co-owner at caddis.co, has been mentoring me through my transition from Forklift Operator to Web Developer. He along with other developers advised me for the first year as a developer working with a digital agency. The reason being is that you would get to see what it takes to lift a project off the ground to a deployable state. You would have hands-on experience in a very fast pace environment. This would be great for a junior dev looking to learn. So, my ideal job would be just that, working for a digital agency.

However, if that is not possible for whatever the reason, the other options would be making sure that I would be in an environment where I would have to space and freedom to grow and continue to learn.


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