Week 3 – Career Support

This week has flown by. I got my first interview with a tech company in Nashville this week, and My wife and I started packing to go on a weekend trip to a cabin while her parents watched our kid. With the past four months being so crazy going through the coding Bootcamp, we were excited to get away and slow back down a bit.

My experience for the first interview went great. They contacted me by email and scheduled a phone interview. From there, they scheduled an in-person interview where I met the co-founders of the company. The team was personable, kind and easy to talk to. They didn’t ask me to do any crazy on the spot coding challenges during the interview but they did ask me a couple great questions on how I solve problems. They wanted to know what my process for solving problems looked like. They spent the majority of the conversation connecting my narrative to the companies narrative. We talked about the history of the company. We talked about their favorite moments at the company. We talked about what was important moving forward for the company. Then, we talked about my background, and how I made my way into the tech industry. It was important to tie my story into the companies narrative and I believe the conversation was successful thanks to Iron Yard‘s guidance. Josh and Bethany, who have been super helpful throughout the career support process, did great in helping us understand how to make connections between our story and the employer.



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