Week 6 – Career Support

Well, It is week 6 of Career Support. I’ve been to 7 meetups this month and I have two more left. I have met developers from Heroku, Eventbrite, Cyber security company, Lifeway Christian Resources, a company called Nashville Geek, Built Technologies, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, FoxFuel Creative, Golden Spiral, MTSU, Songspace, Stacked Sports, Metova, FortyAU, GS&F and a couple small startups.

While on the job hunt, I’ve decided to continue my learning. Recently, I’ve learned how to route to new pages, get the server running and add simple file uploads in a PHP framework called Laravel. I’m currently learning how to set up an email notification when someone lands on a certain page.

Thursday, I got a phone call from a potential client who was referred to me by a friend to do contract work. He wants me to build a web app from scratch and get it to the point of being deployed. He said that he would leave it up to me on what the deadline should be. From the details that he shared, I believe it could take anywhere from 9 months to a year building it with no other developers helping. It looks like I would be designing and developing it. I like creating from the scratch, so that initial idea excites me. The other thing that sounds interesting is the fact that I will have so much say so in the design and what framework I use. We scheduled a meeting next Monday at 9 am to discuss even more details. In the meantime, I have been looking up freelance developer contracts, how much to charge and if I should name the business. I found this contract that I might use if I decide to move forward with this project. I also came up with a company name that I would run this business under.  I am considering this as an option, but won’t be able to decide for sure until we negotiate an hourly rate.


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