Week 7 – Career Support

I’m now finishing up week 7 of career support through Iron Yard in Nashville, TN. At this moment, I feel like I’m climbing a huge mountain. I feel prepared to climb. I have everything I need to make it to the top, but their is still that lingering thought in the back of my mind that questions what if I don’t make it to the top…

My ability to persevere when things get tough is due mainly in my strong belief that I am a son of God. It helps me stay focused on the task at hand, and not get discouraged. It helps me stay positive in negatives situations. I believe that God is my Father and that He cares for me. I believe I have been adopted into sonship which makes me an heir. I believe in the promise that Jesus made saying that if I seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness all these “things” will be added to me… I believe these “things” means providing me with a job to provide for my family.

This week, I have had a couple small wins. I went to a meetup called “Hacker X”. It was basically speed-dating for job hunting. I had 5min interviews with a little less than 10 different companies. I was able to get in front of companies like Asurion, Emma, VGT, Digital Reasoning, and few others. Because of that opportunity, I received two business cards from 2 different companies desiring to continue the conversation. One company offered 3 months paid internship with the opportunity to be hired on full-time. I followed up with an email the next day, and we now have a phone interview scheduled next Monday afternoon. With the idea of stability for my family, I decided to not move further with the contract work idea. As much as I really liked the idea of building a web app from scratch and getting paid for it… I know I can still build web apps, but for just personal projects and exercises.

I have continued building a side project called “Deal Fye”. I finished with the sign-up and login page Sunday night. I also created a “user” page.




Also, with the help of another developer & friend, I figured out how to get Laravel to send an email notification after clicking on “Email Lesson”. That certain route sends an email notification using mailtrap.io.




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