Week 11 – Career Support

Week 11 of Career Support has been really productive. Applied to the average ten different tech companies and received my first code challenge. I also received an email from another company wanting me to come in for an interview.

Friday, I spoke with a new mentor who suggested I spend more time preparing for interview questions.  I found this link to be very helpful. AIso, I spent time creating flashcards to help myself remember key points(attributes) that I feel is important about my story for my future employer to know.

At this point in my career support, the sense of urgency is feeling stronger now than it has before. In my emails, I spend a little more time making sure the employer realizes I’m another human being with my own story. I believe I am beginning to understand and communicate my story more effectively. I also find myself spending more time expressing my desire to learn more and to grow as a developer. I’m literally so excited to get started coding for a company I can hardly stand it. I just need one person/company to give me the opportunity to prove myself. I tend to thrive in moments where I’m expected to provide results and collaborate with other team members. I was highly competitive in sports through high school and college and that attribute seems to activate when under pressure.

I feel I am very close to landing my first tech job. I have a tremendous amount of faith that the right job is coming. I don’t believe I’m being naive either when I say that. I have put the time into learning this new skill set, and I believe the reward is coming.



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