Week 12 – Career Support


Week 12 of Career Support has ended. I’ve decided to take on a few freelance opportunities while still looking for a full-time job. One of my clients builds fences for residential homes and was wanting me to build an advertising site that also allows for him to upload new images to his site. I tossed around the idea of working with a CMS platform. I looked at CraftCMS, OctoberCMS, Expression Engine and Contentful as options. CraftCMS cost at minimum $200 to use for a client. OctoberCMS is great cause it is built from the Laravel framework and it didn’t cost anything to use but in the end, it was still unnecessary for the type of project I was building. Expression Engine cost $299 to use per site, so that didn’t make sense either. Contentful had more reasonable pricing, but in the end, I decided that I wasn’t going to use a CMS. I wanted to keep this as lightweight as possible. Laravel is a PHP framework that also allows you to use Vue.js within it. I had already been watching the Laracast videos and learned how to create a file upload system, so I decided to stick with Laravel and Vue.js to build out this new project.

By Thursday, I reached my goal of applying to ten jobs a week.

I am also using Bonsai to send Professional contracts and invoices to clients. My first client was very pleased and also impressed with the amount of quality I presented using the contracts and invoices. He asked if I could show him how to implement them into his own business.

‘Til Next Time,



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