Final Career-Support

This is my Final Career-Support blog post. After 13 weeks in Career-Support, 97 applications, 11 interviews(including HackerX speed-interviews), and one code challenge, I now have my first developer job at Titan Web Marketing Solutions!!!!

I have a quote that I live by and it says “Anything of Value Requires Work”. I’m not sure where I heard it or if I just made it up, but I continue to remember those words in shaping the direction of my life whether it is in my job, my family or my relationships.

All credit to my success is given to the presence of the Holy Spirit in my life. He is an encourager, a comforter, and a peacemaker. My faith is what has helped me stay focused on difficult tasks and stay positive throughout this whole process. My relationship with Jesus made my spirit strong when I felt weak or like giving up.

This has been THE most rewarding experience in my life. I cannot say enough great things about The Iron Yard Academy. They have completely changed the direction of my life and I will feel forever grateful to them.

Bring on Monday!! I’m ready to get to work!!

’til next time,



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